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Even the remotest corners can be reached!

Our Mission

We serve the community of believers who are laboring in the mission fields around the world.

Our mission is to meet the financial and material needs of those who are laboring in the harvest fields at home and abroad. Not all are called to go and labor in the fields. But all are called to provide the much needed financial and material support. If you desire to see the world come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, then consider partnering with us as we support the global Christian Missions effort.

Our goal is to reach out accross denominational boundaries to partner with all people of like precious faith who believe in the truth of the Bible and who place their faith in Jesus Christ.

We are a growing fellowship of faith-filled believers from various denominations who are supporting the efforts of many. We appreciate the beauty of the feet of those who strive to bring the Good News of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ to a lost and dying world.

Partnering with others

We have partnered with Missio Link International in Romania to build the "Deborah Centre," a home for orphaned girls. Construction has already begun, and soon hungry and deprived little girls will have a place to call home. Once the orphanage building is complete, our sights will turn toward expanding the project to create a home for battered and abused women.

Your financial gift will greatly help. Please take the time to send your gift now!

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Our pledge to you

One hundred percent of all contributions received by Missions Support International designated for Missionary Support and/or Missions Projects goes directly to that effort. Administrative costs are not deducted from contributions. Therefore, every dollar you intend to be used for global outreach is in fact used for that purpose.

Join our global outreach as we expand our efforts into North Africa and Eastern Europe. The workload is great and we would appreciate your help. So, don't wait, send your tax deductible contribution today.

May the Lord richly bless you as you partner with us to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the nations!